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For the very highest standard of racing car building and racing car maintenance, get in contact with the experts at Dun Laoghaire Motor Worx today.


Dun Laoghaire Motor Worx’s team of highly specialist mechanics are intimately involved in the world of motorsport. For over 2 decades we have built sports cars along with offering specialist race car servicing and specialist race car repair.

By leveraging decades of experience in the repair of racing cars, along with our experience as motorsport competitors we speak the language of driving and can therefore deliver the highest standard, high-performance race cars.

With an innate understanding of the finely tuned engines of race cars, our repairs and services ensure the highest performance possible from motorsport vehicles.


For additional information on our motorsport building and motorsport repair services, get in contact with Dun Laoghaire Motor Worx.

Motorsport Car Building Repairs & Preparation FAQ

I need race car fabrication near me. What is your catchment area?

We are based in Dun Laoghaire but have worked in close collaboration with racing teams all over Ireland.

How do I schedule a motorsport car build with Dun Laoghaire Motor Worx?

For the convenience of our clients, we make commissioning a motorsport car build easy. To begin the process please call our Dun Laoghaire car garage. From there, we will guide you through the entire commissioning process.

What's the difference between a normal car service and a race car service?

The difference is dictated by the expectations of the vehicle. While a normal car’s concerns are comfort, reliability and safety, with a racing car the empathises is on performance. Therefore a service is dedicated to improving every aspect of the vehicle's performance. The specialist engines of racing cars also require specialist mechanics with specific areas of expertise.

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